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Welcome to the website of the inventor and manufacturer

of the award winning snail-shaped vibrator

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SNAILVIBE's brilliant idea comes from a shocking truth that most of the dual stimulators out there are not 100% satisfactory. How can a toy guarantee a strong simultaneous stimulation of both the clitoris and the vagina when all vulva shapes and sizes are different?

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The SNAILVIBE is the answer, it was designed to fit most vulvas. Its unique shape is not just for fun; it actually delivers continuous delightful vibes to the clitoris while diffusing powerful vibrations internally.

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THE SUN: As you enjoy the Snail Vibe, its shell unrolls to stay perfectly in place on your external hot spots, instead of uncomfortably banging against your body like traditional Rabbit ears would.

VOGUE: This high quality snail-shaped vibrator was designed to stimulate both your g-spot and your clitoris at the same time, courtesy of five vibration speeds, five different patterns of vibration and two independently controlled motors.

COSMOPOLITAN: We'll be the first to admit that we're not really sure how naming vibrators after animals came about, but if you're looking for a toy that does it ALL, the snail may be your next favorite investment.

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REFINERY29: Effusive five-star reviews have customers screaming, "Holy escargot batman!" and a how-to-use toy demonstration on retailer Lovers' IG has over 18 million views.

GLAMOUR: Since it launched three years ago, it’s sold out five times, with customers intrigued by its novel design.

VICE: Overall, Snail Vibe is a pure delight that has slug-trailed its way into my horny heart. I’ve never used a dildo-style toy that gives such a great, easy feeling of fullness and simultaneous clitoral stimulation.

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